Being a superhero or a supervillain is an amazing feeling most people never experience.

The Joker& Harley Quinn / Batman

He is a personal trainer, which adds to his ability to cosplay muscular characters as well as giving him access to people in excellent physical shape to join him in cosplaying.

Cosplayer Interview: The Joker by @geeks2gods.fitness.cosplay

@geeks2gods.fitness.cosplay talks about the level of detail of his Joker cosplay, which included using make-up to cover his tattoos so the Joker's tattoos could be added to his body. He also gives great advice on being an exceptional cosplayer.

About @geeks2gods.fitness.cosplay

He has been cosplaying for nearly four years and has attended 10 comic cons as a cosplayer. His favorite comic con is Florida Supercon in Miami Beach.

His three favorite cosplays are Spider-Turtle (top), Suicide Squad-Joker (above) and Spider-Joker (below). He is 39-years-old.


"I cosplay because I love seeing kids' faces when I'm in character."


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