Cosplay is good clean fun that puts on a smile on people's faces.


“At times I feel like a star on the red carpet when I walk into a comic con and people are flocking around me to take a pic.”

Coplayer interview: Cyborg from Justice League by @razoredge11213

@razoredge11213 talks about why Cyborg is a great charater. He goes into detail on how he built the Cyborg costume, which was surprisingly inexpensive.

About @razoredge11213

He has built more than 12 cosplays, most of which can be seen in the feature image above. @razoredge11213 has cosplayed at more than 20 comic conventions, with his current favorite being SW-FloridaCon in Ft. Myers. He's also been a regular at Florida SuperCon in Miami Beach for many years.

He loves to take a character and bring it to life, which involves using random objects and giving them new form to fit his cosplay. His three favorite cosplays are Cyborg, Task Master and Fire Storm.

@razoredge11213 is 44-years-old.

Fire Storm

"Cosplay is a great outlet for all my creative energy."


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