@Cindrellacosplay's Alexstrasza cosplay from World of Warcraft is out of this world!

"Life begets life, and so the circle is reborn anew."


This specific design of Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft was based off Zach Fischers “Project Ebon Blade." (pictured above)

@Cindrellacosplay doubted herself every step of the way. She didn’t think her skills were good enough to create a costume this big. It was her first time doing a full armor build. Improvising throughout the process, she eventually presented the completed cosplay to the artist himself. He couldn’t believe his eyes! The experience gave @Cindrellacosplay a new sense of accomplishment and drives her to keep pushing boundaries.

"I’ve always loved making costumes and it's amazing to bring the characters to life."


Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta is an antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. Being a warrior and killer in the Frieza Force, he has a prideful attitude and is of noble lineage.

@Cindrellacosplay has loved Dragon Ball since she was a teenager and has a huge appreciation for Vegeta's character.

She hand-sewed the body suit and created the armor with EVA foam.

Photo: @Fdsedanoarts


Mortal Kombat

Princess Kitana is a 10,000 year old ruthless killer. She faithfully serves her step-father, but eventually betrays him to protect her home realm, Edenia.

Cosplay is all about being creative. @Cindrellacosplay exemplifies this by using old vertical blinds to create Kitana's iconic fan!

Photo: Denny Clark Photogtaphy

Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft


Kitana from Mortal Kombat


Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

From Florida

The Basic Info

@Cindrellacosplay is 32 years old and has been cosplaying for six years. Her first cosplay was a White Mage Mithra from Final Fantasy XI.

Favorite Conventions

Her favorite conventions are SWFL SpaceCon and Holiday Matsuri. SWFL SpaceCon is in her home town and she's been a featured guest since its first year. Holiday Matsuri stands out because of the unique holiday twist and beautiful venue.


Hair Stylist/Nail Technician

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