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Greetings fandom, This month's cover is @Elissakathryn_. Despite only being 18, she has gained social media attention across TikTok and Instagram for her incredible acting and artistic make-up. You'll even have the chance to meet her at Anime St. Pete this September.

In this issue, we also feature veteran cosplayers such as @Jiratsu.cosplay who is 32 and has been cosplaying for 12 years! His years of experience show in his wonderful creations.

Don't just read the magazine! Join us at one of the many upcoming conventions across Florida and see all the incredible cosplays in person! The Florida Comic Cons Con Calendar shows all the exciting conventions scheduled for 2022. Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine will be attending many of the events looking for talented cosplayers to feature in the magazine. If you're wondering where comic cons are happening in Florida, check out our Florida Con Map. Upcoming issues of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine

  • May: Monthly issue featuring more than 10 talented cosplayers throughout the state.

Tip: Digital magazines are best viewed via laptop or desktop – mobile views are OK, but not as good.

Cosplayers pay tribute to their favorite characters from comics, movies, games and other aspects of pop culture. Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine (FCDM) pays tribute to cosplayers.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine (FCDM) spotlights talented cosplayers throughout the state, revealing their creativity, hard work and nerdiness.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine is published by Florida Comic Cons Florida Comic Cons is a news media website that covers comic conventions and cosplayers in The Sunshine State. The Con Calendar provides a month-by-month listing of upcoming conventions and the Con Map shows where comic cons happen throughout the state.

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