This Yautja cosplay from Predator by @shawna_nanana is scary good!

In the movie, Predator, Yautja are an alien species of highly advanced hunters. They kill for sport and have powerful technology non-existent on Earth.

"This is the most detailed cosplay I have ever created! I am most proud of this one and when I wear it to cons this cosplay garners the most reactions."


@Shawna_nanana had little experience constructing detailed cosplays from scratch prior to building this costume. It's primarily made of EVA foam and foam clay. Leather scraps, beads, and plastic were used to create details on the hand-painted body suit.

"There’s this unique blissful feeling you get when someone excitedly recognizes your character and you can’t forget that."

Ms. Marvel

Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel is a superheroine within Marvel comics. She was introduced as female counterpart to Captain Marvel, but has now taken on a lore of her own with a new television show coming out this June on Disney+.

"Everything from the wig to the bodysuit came together perfectly! Also, this is the most comfortable cosplay I’ve ever done!"



Marvel Comics

Storm is a mutant in Marvel comics who can control the weather. She is one of the strongest women in all of Marvel comics and a prominent member of the X-Men.

This will always be one of my favorites because this was my first successful cosplay.


Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Yautja from Predator


Ms. Marvel from Marvel Comics


Storm from Marvel Comics

From Florida

The Basic Info

@Shawna-nanana is 29 and has been cosplaying for almost three years.

"I find myself to be more reserved in day to day life, but when I cosplay, it’s like being the star in my own movie. Everyone wants to take your photo or get an interview. It’s like being famous for a day!"


Favorite Convention

Her favorite convention is Megacon because there is so much to do. There's something for everyone.



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