Raphtalia's strength from The Rising of the Shield Hero is brought to life by @Danaduhbuffalo.

Raphtalia is the main heroine of The Rising of the Shield Hero. She originally was a slave before being saved by Naofumi Iwatani and, in return, becomes a strong fighter, helping him on his journey.

"Raphtalia is definitely in my top five anime characters. She's a very strong and powerful woman and I felt very confident as her!"


Photo credit above: Cyrus Castellanos

"I am Naofumi's sword. None may disrespect him in my presence."


In The Rising of the Shield Hero, there are various heroes each in command of one weapon or legendary equipment. However, unlike the rest of the heroes, our protagonist, Naofumi, is given the sole defensive equipment, a shield. People mock him for having a defensive weapon and treat him poorly. Raphtalia sees his kindness and grows to become a fearsome sword fighter to protect him.

She's a truly inspiring character that allies herself with the underdog and pushes herself to her limits in the name of justice.

@Danaduhbuffalo handmade Raphtalia's ears and tail. The coloring on the fur is truly impressive!

"Cosplaying is my way of escaping from reality. Bringing a fictional character or a 2D character to life is such a magical feeling."

Zero Two

Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two has a history of bad luck when it comes to working with others. She is a human-klaxo sapien and mecha pilot, but her partners tend to die when paired with her.

@Danaduhbuffalo loves wild and crazy characters, so it's easy to see why Zero Two is her favorite anime girl. The character's cute design and sweet moments are a major factor, as well.

Photo: Cyrus Castellanos


Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath grew up in a harsh winter climate and she learned at a young age that she was tougher than her peers. She is the head of the army and a chilling antagonist, thanks to her ice powers.

Cosplaying Esdeath gives @Danaduhbuffalo confidence. The character balances being both a villain and very likeable.

Photo: Nicole Hicks

Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx


Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill


Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero

From Largo, Florida

The Basic Info

@Danaduhbuffalo is 24 and went to her first comic con in 2015. Her first cosplay was Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail in 2019. She's been to five conventions and has collected over 30 different costumes.

Favorite Convention

Her favorite convention is Tampa Bay Comic Con because it was her first con.




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