Intro from the Publishers

Greetings fandom, This month's cover is @Star_cos22, who has only been cosplaying for one year! They love to cosplay obscure characters. @Star_cos22 is most well known for cosplaying Megamind. And the young talent is already an award-winner, having won Best in Show at MYCON 2022.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine is starting a Con Cosplay Gallery that highlights one convention from the previous month and displays a collection of cosplays seen throughout the convention. This month's Con Cosplay Gallery features Spooky Empire's summer convention.

Also keep an eye out for cosplay tutorials that will frequent Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine. This month will cover Paint Water Wig Dying.

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine is published by Florida Comic Cons, a news website that covers conventions and cosplayers in The Sunshine State.

(featured right is Kaye Cosplay, last month's magazine cover cosplayer)

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