@Jadeaphire looks striking as Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa.

"As long as you have hope, you can keep moving forward no matter what trouble you may fall into."

-Kyoko Kirigi

Kyoko Kirirgiri is the Ultimate High School detective at Hope's Peak Acadamy. She is serious and aloof, but must work with her classmates to service the killing game they are trapped in.

@Jadeaphire was able to make this costume by mostly thrifting clothing and creatively putting the separate pieces together to make them work. Kyoko Kirigiri was on of the first cosplays that @Jadeaphire put together on her own.

Kyoko is one of @Jadeaphire's favorite Danganronpa characters. Kyoko is just really cool and collected, and she has a cool design. @Jadeaphire relates to Kyoko a lot.

Photographer: @explorersglass

"It’s a really fun creative outlet. Being able to escape reality by being a character from one of your favorite games, movies, or tv shows is really fun"



Frisk is the playable character in Undertale. Their name is only revealed after completing a true pacifist path through the game, where the player

@Jadeaphire made this costume using thrifted materials and altering them. She also created the necklace out of cardboard.


Gravity Falls

Giffany is a sentient character in a game in Gravity Falls that falls in love with the player. She is able to follow the player by travelling through power lines.

This is the first cosplay that @Jadeaphire made on her own. She made the big bow out of ribbons and eva foam and used the same ribbons on the shirt.

Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa


Frisk from Undertale


Giffany from Gravity Falls

From Orlando, Florida

The Basic Info

@Jadeaphire is 18 and has been cosplaying for 3 years. She was introduced to cosplay through TikTok and first cosplayed as Circus Baby from Five Nights at Freddy's.

Favorite Convention

@Jadeaphire is just starting to go to conventions because of the Pandemic!


College student majoring in Event Management.

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