@Kitnkatz's Cassandra Dimitrescu cosplay from Resident Evil Village is killer!

Cassandra Dimitrescu is an adopted daughter of Lady Dimitrescy. She is sadistic and loved to torment her victims. Cassandra cannot remember her life before she was experimented on and made into a creature similar to a vampire.

Cassandra took @Kintkatz about 5 months to complete because she was learning to use her sewing machine. She had loved thinking creatively when making this cosplay, especially in the case of trying to figure out how to recreate the movement of the flies with the cape.

The sickle Cassandra carries is @Kitnkatz's first time using clay foam. The sickle is made out of a tennis racket that was reshaped using a hammer and then she made the full shape using an assortment of cardboard, eva foam, plaster, and clay foam.

Photographer: Greg Rice Photography

"Cosplay is great because you get to dress up like someone else and have a place to mingle/shop for things you specifically enjoy.

Daycare Attendant

Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

The Daycare Attendant, commonly refered to as Sundrop, is upbeat and energetic and loves to do activities with the children. He is very adamant that the lights always stay on so he does not transform into Moondrop.

@Kitnkatz made the mask using cardboard, different foams, a fidget spinner and sunglasses. Lights were even added to the eyes that could be turned on and off with a switch. She also spent weeks painting the red stripes on the pants after making them out of yellow and white striped fabric.

Photography: @Justindrainphotography



Hellboy works with the Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense. He has a good heart despite being easily angered. He also refuses to give into his "purpose" of bringing forth the apocalypse.

@Kitnkatz made the coat, hand, and tail. The hand is made from and old work glove, eva foam, and an empty Lysol wipes can. The gun was a commissioned 3D print that she had to assemble and paint once it arrived.

Photography: Alex Faust

Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Daycare Attendant from Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach


Cassandra Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village


Hellboy from Hellboy

From Ocala, Florida

The Basic Info

@Kitnkatz is 20 years old and has been cosplaying for nearly 7 years! Her next goal for cosplay is to learn how to make foam armor so she can cosplay as Green Goblin from Spiderman or Commander Shepard from Mass effect.

Favorite Convention

Holiday Matsuri


Student and freelance artist.

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