@Nova_corps_cosplay's Nova Prime is out of this world!

Nova Prime or Richard Rider is part of the Nova Corps. He gets his super human abilities from the Nova Force and is in possession of the Xandarian Worldmind. This is necessary so the Nova Force doesn't lose his sanity.

@Nova_corps_cosplay has done several iterations of Nova Prime. Originally, he made the helmet out of fiberglass, but now its made from resin. He made the chest plates from fiberglass and encased it with eva foam. All of the gold pieces on his torso are made from anodized aluminum. He then attached the battery packs for the LED lights in the pouches on the belt


"I get to meet some good people that otherwise I never would have met, and It lets me spend time with my daughters."

Old Man Logan

Marvel Comics

Old Man Logan is originally from an alternate future where villains won. After becoming popular with fans, he is seen repeatedly in other works and is the direct inspiration for the film Logan.

@Nova_corps_cosplay made the claws for Logan were made using plexiglass.



Beetlejuice is rude and crude and loves to trick the living. He attempts to make a deal with Lydia as a way to escape the Netherworld so that he can wreck more havoc on the living.

@Nova_corps_cosplay enjoys cosplaying Beetlejuice because of how fun the character is and the tons of makeup he gets to wear.

Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Nova Prim from Marvel Comics


Old Man Logan from Marvel Comics


Beetlejuice from Beetlejuice.

From Lauderhill, Florida

The Basic Info

@Nova_corps_cosplay is 62 years old and has been cosplaying about 40 years! His first cosplay was the black Spiderman Suit in the 80's, which he made from scratch. He's also an avid Marvel Comics fan and at one point had over 5,000 in his collection.

Favorite Convention

@Nova_corps_cosplay has had a chance to cosplay all over the world, but his favorites remain Holiday Matsuri, Ultracon, Spooky Empire, and Megacon.


@Nova_corps_cosplay likes to say he is a student because life is always teaching you things.

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