Abradorable's Sinon cosplay from Sword Art Online is of the highest caliber.

Sinon is a main character within later seasons Sword Art Online. She grew up being afraid of guns because of an incident where there is a fatal gunshot. That incident becomes the very reason she enters the video game world.

"I love how I feel when I'm wearing Sinon and I think that's an important part of cosplay."


Photo credit above: @woclass_weeb

"If it's just a game, at least be brave enough to run toward the guns and die!"


@Abradorable adjusted the cosplay by modifying it to make it look and fit better. She 3D printed and designed the device on her hip and the clips in her hair. The gun was a 3D print file found online that she printed and finished.

" I'm so proud of myself for learning new things and making my favorite characters come to life!"


Kantai Collection

In Kantai Collection, a free-to-play video game, each character is based off a World War II era battleship. Yuudachi is a childish character and the fourth of ten Shiratsuyu-class destroyers.

This was @Abradorable's first ever big cosplay build. It tested her abilities and her problem solving skills. She learned to make and prep a 3D print, work with PVC structures, use EVA foam on a larger scale, and sew a school uniform with a pleated skirt.

How was it made?

@Abradorable drafted the top by using another sailor outfit as a pattern. Custom-made patterns were used for the skirt and the rest of the pieces.

The wig was created from two wigs sewn together for color purposes and volume.

In order to custom fit the size of her thighs, the leg shackles were designed and 3D printed. The missile packs and handgun were made of foam and bubble wands!

To make the rig, @Abradorable used cardboard tube covered in foam and the details were from pieces made of foam. The propeller was a custom 3D print made to actually spin. Everything is secured in place using a harness and bolts and screws.

Photo: @catpartyhat


Azur Lane

Azure Lane is a Chinese game and similarly bases their characters off warships. Yuudachi is part of the Shiratsuyu-class and a destroyer.

"Yuudachi is my all time favorite character. So much love and time went into building this cosplay to get every single detail right. I entered this cosplay on a whim to Metrocon's 2019 costume contest and took home Best in Show! I couldn't believe it!! To win a contest I had dreamt of winning for years. And with my best girl in the whole world? It was magic and a moment I'll never forget. She means a lot to me."


How was it made?

@Abradorable drafted and created all the sewing patterns herself. She spliced two wigs together to add color variation and volume.

The ears and puppy accessory were sculpted by hand using foam clay and painted. Her shoes were custom painted with added foam pieces, and finished with the signature pawprint on the bottom. After, they were sealed with a no slip grip.

The rigging was definitely the hardest part. It was built completely out of foam and PVC. The backpack itself weighs about 8 pounds and is held up with a magnet harness so it can easily be removed to sit.

Photo: @convention_shenanigans

Top 3 Favorite Cosplays


Yuudachi from Azure Lane


Yuudachi from Kantai Collection


Sinon from Sword Art Online

From Crystal River, Florida

The Basic Info

"When I was about 11 years old my mom brought me to Megacon in Orlando. I saw this group of Sailor Scouts all dressed up and standing in line for the costume contest. At that time I had never seen anything like that before! Six years later I learned how to sew and started chopping up wigs and was making my own costumes."


Favorite Conventions

Her favorite conventions are the ones focused in anime and manga. It's where she feels at home, recognizes the most characters, and can bond over shared interests. She's appearing as a guest at Anime St. Pete later this year.


Theme Park Wig Stylist/Scenic Painter/Fabricator

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