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@Bumble.bees.cosplay as Bojji from Rankings of Kings is ready for adventure!


Rankings of Kings

Bojji is the crown prince of the Bosse Kingdom. He is known for being extremely kind and empathetic, while also being intelligent and hard working. He has no hesitation when it comes to helping others or sacrificing himself, even if it means humiliating himself to do so. Because he is deaf and he must communicate differently than those around him, he must overcome many hardships, but by showing his sincerity and his magnetic personality, many people end up being drawn to him.

@Bumble.bees.cosplay fell in love with the character and the show when she watched it last year. He's such a sweet and compelling character that really just filled her heart with joy.

Photographer: @Pixlarchon

Cosplay Origin

"I cosplay as a love letter to my favorite characters! I love to embody characters that bring me joy."

@Bumble.bees.cosplay began cosplaying while in Japan. She was walking around and saw a mannequin with Cardcaptor Sakura on it and fell in love with the outfit. After that she began her cosplay journey.

As time went on the Cardcaptor Sakura became a staple for @Bumble.bees.cosplay, leading to one of her favorite memories.

She made an amazing connection with a young girl who was nervous to be cosplaying.

The little girl also happened to be cosplaying Cardcaptor Sakura, so they talked and @Bumble.bees.cosplay was able to calm the little girl down.

In the future, @Bumble.bees.cosplay wants to be able to make more connections with kids to make them comfortable to express themselves.

She'd also love to make more time for sewing and crafting, so that she can stop relying on store bought cosplays as much.

Advice for New Cosplayers

"Cosplay is all about having fun! It shouldn’t be a source of stress. Also you should never feel like you can’t do a cosplay because you don’t physically resemble a character."


Koro Sensei

Assassination Classroom

Koro Sensei is the homeroom teacher of the misfit class of 3-E. He takes on the appearance of a yellow octopus-like creature that is extremely powerful after an experiment went wrong during his time serving as the assassin known as “The Reaper.” When Koro Sensei is initially introduced he’s upbeat and a little silly. However, he’s also shown to be compassionate and patient with those around him. He is also extremely observant allowing him to meet students individual needs while also giving sagely advice when needed.

@Bumble.bees.cosplay chose to cosplay Koro Sensei because he's also a teacher like her.

The arms were created from coat hangers, stuffing, and yellow tights.

Photographer: @Nate_takes



Aqua was originally the goddess of water that guides people to the afterlife, however, while guiding Kazuma to be reincarnated to the Fantasy World, she allows him to choose a “cheat” item. He chooses her. She is a bubbly cheerful person who enjoys doing good, but due to her time as a goddess expects people to praise her for them. Despite her airheadedness she can be intelligent and observant, acting as a pseudo encyclopedia at times, but lacks the social skills and self-awareness to use her knowledge effectively.

This character was fun for @Bumble.bees.cosplay because this character acts so differently from herself.

Making the wig was a really fun creative exercise for her to figure out how to make the loops on the back of her head.

Photographer: @Lobo_shots

Fort Myers, Florida

The Basics

@Bumble.bees.cosplay is a Kindergarten teacher who began cosplaying 4 years ago. Since then they've gone to countless conventions.


Her favorite cons are Metrocon in Tampa and Holiday Matsuri in Orlando.

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