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Photographer: @Brilanimagery

The Sister of Battle Cosplay from Warhammer 40K by @Charmanda.cos is fierce!

Sisters of Battle

The Sisters of Battle are the elite army Ecclesiarchy. They wear ceremite power armor to withstand the head of space and battle, and they each carry a state of the art weapons at all times. The Sisters of Battle are trained to reach their peak abilities and are considered mankind's most disciplined and dedicated warriors. When not in battle, the Sisters are continuing their rigorous training to stay in top shape or devoutly worshiping the God Emperor.

@Charmanda.cos collaborated with her friend @Abradorable to make each of them a costume. They followed @Kinpatsucosplay's tutorial for the armor. The armor was created out of EVA foam and velvet fabrics. The smaller details were created using 3D printing.

This is her favorite cosplay because of how intense and detailed the costume is. @Charmanda.cos is constantly looking to push her limits and create bigger and better things, and she really succeeded.

Photographer: @Brilanimagery

Cosplay Origin

"I used to look through google at pictures all the time saying, “How do people make these?” Then one day I started looking up how to make things and where to start."

@Charmanda.cos began cosplaying just by looking at pictures of cosplayers online. She was intrigued with how the costumes were created and by the different characters people did.

Then one day she had enough of just looking. She wanted to learn how to make costumes herself. So @Charmanda.cos started looking at tutorials and jumped into cosplaying.

Her first cosplay was Jinx from League of Legends at Metrocon in Tampa. Now she attends four to five conventions a year and specializes in creating armored pieces for her cosplay.

This has led @Charmanda.cos to be a part of incredible groups such as the @projectebonblade group at Holiday Matsuri last year.

@Charmanda.cos has even had the opportunity to compete in cosplay competitions, leading to her winning Best Craftsmanship at Holiday Matsuri last year with @Abradorable in the Battle Sisters Cosplay above.

In the future, she hopes to start attending conventions as a cosplay guest and judging competitions.

Tier 2 Paladin Armor

World of Warcraft

The Tier 2 paladin armor, or the “Judgement Armor,” is an 8 piece armor set that allows the player to receive different bonuses to the character's skills that increase as more pieces are collected and worn. Typically the pieces are dropped in the Blackwing Lair, which is a level 60 dungeon, however one piece can be obtained by defeating Ragnaros. Ragnaros is the Firelord plotting to engulf Azeroth fully in flames. Hence why the Judgement set gives such a large increase to fire resistance once worn.

The design concept was created by @zachfischerart. It took around two months of work for @Charmanda.cos to finish this cosplay. The armor made using EVA foam and uses magnets to attach.

Photographer: @Brilanimagery


World of Warcraft

Ysera, originally nicknamed “the Dreamer”, due to being bound in an ethereal realm in a trance, was the Dragon Aspect of green dragonflight. After becoming ”the Awakened,” provided guidance and wisdom to those who love nature, even acting as a mentor to the Druids. Eventually, she is killed, and then brought back to life, but is bound to the shadowlands.

The design concept was created by @Zachfischerart. @Charmanda.cos sculpted the armor using EVA foam and the gems where a clear resin cast with lights placed behind them.

Photographer: VSM media

Advice For New Cosplayers

"Cosplay is for everyone! Have fun with it! Do meet ups and get to know people interested in the same thing you are."


Lady Lake, Florida

The Basics

@Charmanda.cos has been cosplaying for about 7 years and works as a hair stylist.


Metrocon is special to @Charmanda.cos because it was her first convention.

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