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@Costato02's Yor from Spy x Family is !

"I’m sorry to have bothered you… But could I choke the life out your body, Mister?"


Yor Forger

Yor has a day job as a regular clerk in City Hall, but by night she’s an assassin known as the Thorn Princess. She marries Loid in an agreement so that they can each find their own benefits. She also becomes the adoptive mother of Anya. Yor seems to be aloof and straightforward, but this is mostly due to her lack of social skills. Despite being a skilled assassin, she is extremely gullible and will believe the ridiculous lies Loid makes to cover his identity as a spy.

Photographer: @Marshallhaque

@Costato02 loves Yor because she's strong woman but also sweet. She also does Karate which is another great connection point!

Cosplay Origin

"Cosplaying is something that brings me a lot of happiness, I enjoy being able to be creative."

@Costato02 was inspired to begin cosplaying after going to her first con, which lead to her first cosplay being Freddy Fazzbear from Five nights at Freddy's.

That first cosplay led to 7 years of cosplaying and countless memories of just being pure fun over the course of the years.

@Costato02 just wants to have fun while cosplaying and encourages others to not forget to have fun and stop comparing themselves to others.


Demon Slayer

Zenitsu is a demon slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps and travels with Tanjiro and Nezuko. Zenitsu is a coward and possesses little self esteem. He’s always extremely pessimistic and will not hesitate to cry at any moment, oftentimes yelling loudly and annoying everyone around him. Zenitsu flirts constantly out of a desire to not be single when he dies. He is obsessed with Nezuko and claims they’ll be married one day. He does have a desire to improve and become a better person and fighter but this is often over written by his fear until he falls asleep and he can perform at his full potential.

Zenitsu is @Costato02's favorite character in Demon Slayer because he's got such a dynamic personality. She relates to many aspects of him.

Photographer: @Geekymermaidproductions


My Hero Academia

Uraraka Ochako is studying to become a pro-hero under the name of Uravity. She’s laid back and a bit of an airhead, which coincides with her abilities to make things float. She’s extremely empathetic and is able to read people easily, but can be blunt and straightforward without intending to be. When she needs to though, she’s able to be serious and intimidating, often confusing those who are used to her bubbly personality.

@Costato02 loves Uraraka because she's so cute and girly while also being strong. It's very similar to how @Costato02 views herself. Also her favorite color is pink and she loves that Uraraka's design always involves the color.

Photographer: @Geekymermaidproductions

Advice For New Cosplayers

"Try not to compare yourself to other cosplayers, especially ones with more experience than you. Cosplay, like everything else, takes time and practice to get better at. As long as you are having fun and dressing up that is all that matters!"


Tampa, Florida

The Basics

@Costato02 is 20 years old and is currently a college student!


Her favorite conventions are Holiday Matsuri and Metro Con because of how catered they are towards anime and cartoons rather than comics and superheroes.

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