@Kameriicos's Chuuya from Bungo Stray Dogs is ----!


Chuuya Nakahara is an executive in the Port Mafia. His ability is Upon the Tainted Sorrow which allows him to manipulate gravity of anything around him, including the direction of gravitational force. Chuuya is tempermental and destructive. In addition, he takes great pride in his hand to hand combat abilities and will do anything if it means being successful in his mission. Despite his short temper and violent tendencies, he actually doesn’t relish in destruction for no reason though.

"I'll have you die... I'll have you die someday, I swear!"


Chuuya is an experimental cosplay for @Kameriicos. He says its a great opportunity to learn and try out different styes of makeup.

Cosplay Origin

"Cosplay allows me to combine that with my love for anime and video game"

@Kameriicos began cosplaying because he saw so many other people cosplaying his favorite character and he just really wanted to try it. Tsuyu from My Hero Academia was his first cosplay1

Now he's been a part of an idol group and created some good connections to host meet ups or panels in the future. @Kameriicos also loves being able to experiment with makeup and styling wigs!

@Kameriicos really wants to get better at photographer and selfies because it can feel like photos have the ability to bring a cosplay to a new level when done well.


Genshin Impact

Scaramouche is the sixth member of the Fatui Harbingers. He is described as difficult to get along with, even by his own comrades in the Fatui. He is arrogant and tends to insult those around him. He has intense power, allowing him to say whatever he wants whenever he wants, giving an air of authority. Scaramouche is also extremely clever but enjoys being unpredictable.

Scaramouche has such an interesting and compelling design and personality, that @Kameriicos loved him instantly.

Photographer: @Tight_photography


Genshin Impact

Lumine is one of twin siblings the player must choose between when starting Genshim Impact. If Lumine is chosen, she travels around Teyvat looking for her brother Aether, or vice versa if you choose Aether. Because of this she is known as the Traveler to those around her. The Traveler is able to take on the element of whichever archon she encounters without a vision, making her an anomaly and requiring her to keep it a secret. The Traveler is kind and curious, but is not afraid to say the truth or be blunt when needed. She often gets taken advantage of by those in authority wanting to use her power for problems in each nation when they force her to make a deal to help find her brother.

Lumine was @Kameriicos's first cosplay after the Pandemic so it became an important symbol for him.

Photographer: @imageby.jay

Advice For New Cosplayers

"Try not to compare yourself to others, cosplaying is a combination of so many skills and none of them can be mastered overnight, move at your own pace!"


Jacksonville, Florida

The Basics

@Kameriicos has been cosplaying for 5 years!


Holiday Matsuri is always a fan favorite because of the fun holiday decorations and cosplays it inspires. It was also one of the first cons @Kameriicos attended.

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