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@Lilithconvallis's Rias Gremory from High School DxD is full of fiery passion!

Rias Gremory

Rias is the heiress to the Gremmory clan. She is known as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess because of her hair color and her power of destruction. She is kind and passionate and dislikes cruelty. Rias is extremely protective of those she cares about and her pride in her family name. Despite her love of her family, she originally came to the human world to escape how everyone only saw her name and not herself.

"Pawns are important. They’re not the weakest piece in the game by any means.


@Lilithconvallis loves Rias because she's a natural born leader, but is also willing to have fun. She loves how she will do anything for her team and be strong, while also not being afraid to be vulnerable near them.

This cosplay was created from other cosplays @Lilithconvallis already owned. However, she's most proud of the wig. It was made from a synthetic lace front wig and she took meticulous care when styling that it took around 50 hours!

Photograher: @Chrisbombardovisuals

Cosplay Origin

"I cosplay for the community. I love the art and the joyful expressions from people. I love the smiles & connection that cosplay brings to people and communities."

@Lilithconvallis began cosplaying because she wanted to feel safe and to empower herself. Cosplaying helps her understand herself. She started off with a cosplay of Raven from DC and Raven continues to be one of her favorite characters to this day.

Her favorite cosplay memories always have to do with interacting with others, especially children, in character. She loves performing and giving life to the costume before their very eyes. She just loves bring art to life in her own way.

In the future, @Lilithconvallis would love to grow into being a coach and instructor at conventions and online. She really wants to be able to workshop crafting with foam, sewing, and design.



Lilith has an unusual origin. She came into being after Morrigan's soul was split in an attempt to control her powers. Part of the split developed a sense of self and became Lilith. Lilith loves to fight those that can satisfy her curiosity and is extremely powerful, but she lacks experience in the world that shows her what darkness is like. Because of this she ends up being very childlike.

This character is fun for @Lilithconvallis not only because they share the same name but because Lilith has such a compelling and complex backstory. Lilith's color pallet is also @Lilithconvallis's favorite colors.

@Lilithconvallis created this cosplay by modifying and altering other pieces. She made the wings and had issues with PVC when heating with fire. She also dyed the wig to be the exact shade she wanted.

Photographer: @Chrisbombardovisuals


My Hero Academia

Mirko is tough and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is not afraid of confrontation and respects those that are also willing to be confrontational and speak their minds when needed. Despite her often brash behavior, she is always willing to help those in need and is also not above asking for assistance when she needs it. She has a strong understanding of her own abilities and others.

"I live every day of my life like there's no tomorrow so that when my number's up, I can check out with no regrets! No way this horde of zombies is gonna end Mirko the Hero!"


Mirko is one of @Lilithconvallis favorite characters because she's so strong and she loves seeing such a fun loving character.

Advice For New Cosplayers

"Have fun! Don’t let your body type, skin tone, or gender keep you from cosplaying a character you love!! There are no rules in cosplay. You can buy your costume or build it from scratch. YOU. Make the cosplay, not the costume."


St. Petersburg, Florida

The Basics

@Lilithconvallis does burlesque and social media promotions for all sorts of events.


She loves Holiday Matsuri because its so fun to meet so many people from across the country there and Metrocon because it's so close to home.

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