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@Misspetitecosplay's Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is ready to take on the world!

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is an archaeologist, treasure hunter, and tomb raider. She was born into an aristocratic family but finds high society boring and stifling. She is always working to find out secrets behind the past and studying historical concepts that are considered to not exist. She has traveled all over the world in search of rare and dangerous artifacts. She tends to be working against those who want the same treasures for more nefarious reasons than curiosity, but in every iteration of Lara Croft she is always strong headed and stubborn in getting to the bottom of a mystery.

"Everything lost is meant to be found."

-Lara Croft

Lara Croft is a favorite for @Misspetitecosplay because of how iconic the character is. No matter which version of Tomb Raider it is, you can always tell who Lara Croft is.

The photoshoot was a lot of fun for @Misspetitecosplay because it wasn't planned. She was just talking with a friend about how great Lara was and they just decided to go out and do a little shoot in her own backyard. Apparently, the shoot was a great workout because of all the dynamic posing and jumping around @Misspetitecosplay did.

Photographer: @larryscary

Cosplay Origin

"The cosplay community is about coming together based on what shows and characters you love, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disabilities, among others."

@Misspetitecosplay at the last minute when a couple of hours before her brother left for a gaming convention she decided to tag along and dress up.

After her first convention experience, she fell in love with conventions. @Misspetitecosplay loved the idea of being able to cosplay and bring her favorite characters to life.

Now, she works on expanding her skills and even works as a cosplaying streamer and gamer.

Ty Lee

Avatar the Last Airbender

Ty Lee grew up as a noble, but later joined the Fire Nation Circus as a way to gain individuality from her family. She is an expert in hand to hand combat and is able to perform chi blocking, causing opponents to be temporarily paralyzed. Ty Lee is often bright and energetic, even in the midst of fighting she will joke around with her opponents and never really means them harm.

@Misspetitecosplay loves how bubbly and kind Ty Lee is. She embraces her quirks and is proud of them. Ty Lee's outlook on herself and life is something that @Misspetitecosplay aspires to achieve. She desires to truly accept herself and not let her disability hinder her.

Photographer: @Nate_takes


Teen Titans

Terra is a part of the teen titans for a short while. She joins the group confused and insecure about her powers because she can’t control them. She wants to do good and puts up a fake confident front to hide her insecurities. Terra is fun-loving and and enjoys making jokes with Beast Boy, but is also naïve and easily taken advantage of by Slade.

@Misspetitecosplay really identified with Terra because of her social anxiety. Terra's inability to control her powers and the anxiety it brings hit @Misspetitecosplayhard. Terra helped her overcome her own fears and accepter herself as she is, disabilities and all.

Photo edits: @pete_t_photography

Advice For New Cosplayers

"Just be yourself and have fun! Not everything has to be expensive. If you have social anxiety, it’s okay to feel anxious. Maybe go with some friends and try pushing yourself little by little to get out of your comfort zone."


Miami, Florida

The Basics

@Misspetitecosplayis a strong mental health advocate and works to bring diversity to the cosplay community and awareness of disabilities such as her own.


Her favorite cosplay is Holiday Matsuri because of how beautiful it was and she loves the holiday theming!

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