Mitsuri is the Love Hashira in the Demon Slayer Core. She is passionate and jovial, and is always complimenting people in her head. She often seems shy and easily flustered, but when facing a demon she can get especially fierce.

“Is it okay for a girl to be this strong? I still worry that someone may ask that, as though I'm not human. In my fear, I was suppressing my strength. But not anymore. Leave this to me. I will protect everyone.”


@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay loves Mitsuri because of how femine and soft she is while also being incredible strong and powerful.

When Making this cosplay, @Talyn_Gray_Cosplay had the most difficult time with the wig because instead of an ombre wig from Pink to Green, the pieces were completely separate. She spend a lot of time making the braids as smooth as possible with heat shaping to keep the ends of the pink from sticking out.

The accessories and haori were also created by @Talyn_Gray_Cosplay. The haori includes hand embroidered butterflies and lace flowers appliques. The hair clips were created form some faux flowers and beads to just add some flair.

Photographer: @willynillycns

Cosplay Origin

"I love cosplaying because of the creative experience it brings, the exciting new ways to build something, but mostly for the absolute adoration I have for pop culture media and character design.

@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay has been dressing up in costumes since she was a baby. Halloween costumes were always taken very seriously her whole life.

She learned the term cosplay one day when she was dressed as the 13th Doctor and a Hot Topic employee asked if @Talyn_Gray_Cosplay wanted to featured on the their Facebook page as the cosplayer of the day.

@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay's fist official cosplay was an original character mermaid at Swampcon. Since then she has been to at least 15 cons over the four years she's been cosplaying.

She hopes that she can inspire younger kids to be themselves and help them overcome fears of judgement. @Talyn_Gray_Cosplay just wants to be there for them as someone who has also had to overcome those feelings.

In the future, @Talyn_Gray_Cosplay hopes to make costuming professional in some capacity. Right now her plan is to enroll in a university to continue taking costuming courses. In the meantime, she wants to begin guesting at conventions and share her experiences and knowledge through panels.



Reze generally takes the form of a human, but is a also a bomb devil hybrid. Reze is fantastic at deception, even being able to fake seemingly automatic reactions like blushing due to her intense military training. Though she fights intensely and is willing to do anything to succeed, it seems like she dislikes violence and fighting in any situation outside of her missions.

@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay loves cosplaying Reze because of how comfortable it is to wear. Doing the makeup is also a lot of fun

Photographer: @willynillycns



Angel is a devil that embodies the fear of angels who also works as a devil hunter. Angel is bit of an anomaly among devils because he has no hostility towards humans, but he does think that humans should die in pain. He considers himself a devil first and angel second. Angel dislikes being ordered around and will often avoid fighting because he doesn’t like to work.

@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay created the wings by modifying a pair of children's wings. She painted them white and hand glued each feather in place. Then she created a string mechanism that allows them to open and close to mimic fapping.

Photographer: @willynillycns

Advice For New Cosplayers

"Just go for it! Begin by watchin tutorials and thrift shops are a great resource to find specific pieces and for fabric to pull apart.


Gainsville, Florida

The Basics

@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay is 17 years old and is still a student. She also takes commissions for art.

Fun Fact

@Talyn_Gray_Cosplay has anosmia, resulting in in the inability to smell!


Her favorite convention is MomoCon because of the shear volume of cosplayers, but WasabiCon also holds a special place in her heart.

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