Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine's Best Cosplayers at St. Pete Comic Con 2022

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine attended St. Pete Comic Con and ran into many spectacular cosplayers. From walking the convention floor to hanging out in the balcony, we were always surrounded by cosplay talent. And the two cosplay contests -- Saturday's 'Craftsmanship' competition and Sunday's 'Runway' challenge -- brought the top talent to the stage, which was lit by a spotlight from the balcony.

J-Philly Productions created a music video of cosplayers. Check it out!

Talented cosplayers everywhere

We snapped photos of cosplayers who stood out in the crowd. In addition, below we mixed in photos of cosplay contest winners. And the cosplayer who took home Best in Show for Saturday's Craftsmanship Competition is revealed at the bottom of the page. (photo credits: Greg Rice, Nocedo Photo)

Meet Vivi!

The above video is of an O.C. (original character) created and cosplayed by @LilithConvallis. The character’s name is Vivi, a maid with cat ears and a tail. The costume is six pieces, which includes a corset and two petticoats underneath. “I wear Vivi to conventions when I wanna feel cute!”

@CaptainSebSparrow takes Best in Show

Learn more about @CaptainSebSparrow in his feature in the January Issue of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine.

Floor Features

Sometimes you just need to take a break at a con.


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