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St. Pete Comic Con 2022 featured four guest cosplayers : Fort Myers cosplayer @Avera_Cosplay, Orlando cosplayer @MissTaurus.Cosplay_and_Art, Tampa cosplayer @KDiddy3300, and Jacksonville cosplay group @SailorScoutsJax. More on each guest cosplayer below.

Rescheduled for St. Pete Comic Con 2023

Two guest cosplayers were rescheduled due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. @DarkLadyCosplay and @AmazonCosplayer are rescheduled for St. Pete Comic Con 2023 on January 7-8 at the Coliseum.


From Fort Myers, she is one of the most talented cosplayers in the South. @Avera_Cosplay has won awards from some of the largest cons in the nation like Dragon Con and Megacon Orlando, as well as from larger Florida conventions like Tampa Bay Comic Convention and Florida Supercon. She recently earned the title of Best Cosplayer in the South, which has her competing in a national cosplay championship.


From Tampa, @KDiddy3300 is an outstanding Sam Wilson, Captain America cosplayer. He has two cosplays of the character: One based on the comic character (wing span of 15 feet), and another modeled after the MCU character (wing span 10 feet).


From Orlando, @MissTaurus.Cosplay_and_Art is a rising cosplay star in Florida, having recently won Best in Show awards at Megacon Orlando and Omni Fandom Expo in Orlando. In fact, she has won nearly 20 cosplay awards at Florida cons.


From Jacksonville, @SailorScoutsJax are cosplay guests at cons throughout Florida, which includes hosting panels as well as leading con activities that range from Sailor Moon Jeopardy to Sailor Moon death match to Sailor Moon slumber party (which was at Holiday Matsuri and sounds so fun!).

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