St. Pete Comic Con caught the attention of several media outlets, from Tampa Bay to Chicago

Tampa Bay area media coverage

The headline from the St. Pete Catalyst: "St. Pete's first comic con a super-success."

The lead in the Creative Loafing story: "For years, St. Pete cosplay enthusiasts, comic fans and weebs alike had to travel to Tampa—and sometimes to smaller cities in Florida—to partake in conventions and celebrations. But those days are in the past, as the first St. Petersburg Comic Con happens Jan. 8-9 at The Coliseum."

From the I Love the Burg story: "The newest tradition in the Sunshine City will bring prominent artists, voice actors, and performers to the storied stage of St. Pete Coliseum."

The lead in the Business Observer: "St. Petersburg nerds, rejoice: The Sunshine City, at long last, is getting its own Comic Con."

Another headline, this time from Bay News 9: "The Force is boldly St. Pete's first comic con."

And yet another headline, this one from the Tampa Bay Times: "St. Petersburg is getting its own comic con."

In addition, there were stories in The Gabber, Paradise News, and WFLA Channel 8 TV.

A podcast in Chicago

While on a trip to visit family in St. Petersburg, a Chicago podcaster accidentally ran into St. Pete Comic Con. Scarif Podcast, which examines sc-fi, fantasy and all things nerd, attended the convention, which included interviewing cosplay groups, attendees, and con organizer Dewey Caruthers. Check out their podcast.

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