St. Petersburg welcomes its first comic convention

Thousands of nerds and geeks gathered on June 8-9, 2022 at the historic Coliseum to be part of St. Petersburg's first comic convention: St. Pete Comic Con. The two-day, multi-genre comic convention featured comics, anime, science fiction & fantasy, and cosplay.

And ticket sales of nearly 3,500 were proof of the enthusiasm for this brand-new convention, which was sponsored by Visit St. Pete Clearwater, I Love the Burg, Florida Comic Cons, and Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine.

St. Pete Comic Con 2021 included three anime voice actors, four comic artists, and five guest cosplayers as well as six cosplay groups. In addition, there were larger panel discussions in the balcony and smaller ones in an alcove. Furthermore, there were two cosplay contests. Moreover, food trucks fueled the attendees, guests, vendors, and con staff.

St. Petersburg, also known as "The Sunshine City," is the only major Florida city to not have a high-end, annual comic convention. Each of Florida’s cities larger than St. Petersburg has numerous comic cons: In fact, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando have three or more each year. And there are more than 20 smaller cities that have excellent comic cons, such as Lakeland, Pensascola, and St. Augustine.

"St. Pete's first comic con a super-success."
St. Pete Catalyst

Coliseum was great venue for St. Pete Comic Con 2021

The historic Coliseum, nearly 100 years old, was an exceptional venue for St. Pete Comic Con 2021. In fact, organizers have already booked the Coliseum for St. Pete Comic Con 2022, which happens on January 7-8.

The large open floor area was ideal for vendors to greet attendees in search of merch. And surrounding the floor space are alcoves, which are ideal private areas for voice actors and comic artists to chat and snap photos with fans. Moreover, the wood floor is much easier on backs and joints than concrete floors in convention centers.

The Coliseum was originally a dance hall built in 1924, but now hosts a variety of events year-round – including St. Pete Comic Con as well as its sibling show Anime St. Pete that happens on September 17-18, 2022.

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